Organic Sample Preparation
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Sepaths UP is designed for both cartridge and disk applications to treat samples with different volume. It can be applied to extract trace organic compounds from drinking water, surface water, ground water, food, beverage and other samples. Sepaths UP automatically treats from1 to 12 same or different samples, through the whole treatment process, including condition, sample loading, rinsing, elution and concentration. It is a closed system able to completely remove solvent vapours trough the included exhaust line.

SEPATHS UPTechnical features

From 1 to 120ml/min flow rate
Accurate control loading rate of small amount of sample
Sample volume from 1ml to 20L
Different cartridge and disk available
Different sample collection vials options
Display for real-time process
Solvent and sample management system
Fast concentration nitrogen flow
Optional concentration module
Automatic spray cleaning of sample bottles
Possibility to manage via software up to 8 solvents
Separated aqueous and organic waste collection
Possibility to separate different sample phases
1 to 12 samples run simultaneously
High pressure protection system
Intuitive and easy to use software

Complete software solution

Possibility to run simultaneously different methods
Real-time process monitoring
Possibility to modify and create customized methods

Optional Concentration Module (E.T. Concentrator)

Dedicated concentration for each channel
Fast concentration by nitrogen flow
Parallel concentration model

Channel number Sepaths UP-4 Sepaths UP-6

 Modular configuration for different number of sample channels



SEPLINE-SSepLine-S automated solid phase extractor is the result of latest liquid-solid extraction techniques and mass chromatography highest requirements in terms of sensitivity and reproducibility. Largely used in environmental protection, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, life sciences and other applications thanks to its flexibility. SepLine-S series includes three models: Single, Dual and Four-channels. Condition, sample loading, rinsing and elution steps are processed automatically by software according to user needs. A unique low-pressure sealing technology accurately controls the liquid flow through the syringe and avoid cross contamination . Multi-channel mode improves the efficiency of the SPE method and guarantees reproducibility and stability of sample pre-treatment.

Liquid separation by air bubble

Thanks to air bubble , SepLine-S is able to avoid liquid mixing when two different solvents and/or samples flow into the liquid circuit. Advantages are:

to prevent polarity change
to improve sample recovery

Precise flow rate control

High precision syringes
High precision quantitative tubes to ensure accurate control of sample and solvent dispensing
Flow accuracy: 0.1%
Flowrate: from 0,1 to 100mL/min


Single channel AutoSPE system to perform single sample batch processing. It can automatically achieve conditioning, sample loading, rinsing and eluting steps. Thanks to the included nitrogen purge module, SepLine-S is the ideal partner for routine and R&D needs in the organic sample preparation. The new quantitative concentrator can be connected to the main unit by a plug-and-play procedure.


Dual channels AutoSPE system to perform simultaneously two samples. Management system allows running different methods for each channel.

Four channels AutoSPE system to perform simultaneously four samples, improving efficiency and productivity.

Technical features

Automated process of sample transfer, rinse, loading, dry, washing and elution
Positive pressure pump to ensure accurate flow rate and high recovery
Automated holder up to 60 cartridges controlled via software
Unique low pressure sealing tech and air bubble technique to prevent sample/solvent cross contamination
Standard nitrogen blowing function
Up to 7 different solvents managed by software
Septum piercing function to prevent solvent evaporation
Dispensing needle cleaning function to avoid cross contamination during liquid handling
Different volume sample vials and rack options
User friendly software with intuitive graphic interface
Optional sample tray cooling device

Cartridge holder module

SPE cartridges are moved by sliders to the set position via software
Optimized design to allow cartridge exchange
60 sample extractions automatically handled via PC software
Compatible with the majority of SPE cartridge specifications
Fully closed treatment process to avoid solvent vapors to ambient

SPE operaion modules

Positive pressure extraction mode to ensure stability of the recovery rate
Low-pressure sealing technology
Air bubble technique to prevents solvent/sample cross-contamination
Closed system to ensure environmental protection. No additional consumables required
Possibility to upgrade the SepLine-S single channel unit to multi channel versions

Automatic liquid handler

Management of both sample injection and collection via software
Optional cooling sample tray
Fully closed system
Possibility to choose the cleaning method and time. Needle is cleaned by immersion to avoid cross contamination




SPE Process control of the flow rate is critical to guarantee reproducible extractions. Differently than any other systems, LabTech WSPE vacuum manifold installs a patented valve system able to grant precise flow control through each cartridge. WSPE vacuum manifolds allows users to process up to 12 (WSPE12) or 24 (WSPE24) samples simultaneously.

Technical features

  • Glass base resistant to solvents preventing condensation and discolor
  • Anticorrosion cover to avoid deformation under high-pressure working conditions
  • High quality and reliable PTFE rack
  • Screw-type solvent resistant vacuum regulator for accurate vacuum control
  • PTFE rack for 11, 13 and 15mm tubes to satisfy daily use and all of customer needs



Extrapid manual SPE system is the ideal partner when treatment of large volume samples is required.
A unique and flexible extraction solution for standard and routine SPE needs in environmental analysis.


Technical features
  • 3-ways valves to efficiently control the sample collection and the waste discharge
  • During operation process:
    • No need to switch ON/OFF the vacuum pump
    • No need to wait for venting and removing collection bottles
    • No need to drain the waste liquid and clean vacuum chamber
  • Up to 4 samples run individually or simultaneously
  • 1, 3, 6ml cartridge and 47, 90mm disk options
  • Flow control valve ensuring accurate flowrate and high reproducibility
  • Sample flowrate from 1 to 45ml/min
  • Parts directly in contact with solvents made of PTFE or stainless steel to ensure excellent anticorrosion resistance