ICP-OES Accessories
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SDS-720 Autosampler

SDS-720 Autosampler The SDS-720 is a fully automated transverse (x,y,z) sampler operated directly from the Quantima software.
An optional rack extension increases the capacity to 720 samples. Used in conjunction with automatic plasma shutdown, it permits true overnight unattended operation. Programmable sampling parameters include measurement time, normalization rate, number of standards, number of samples and rinse times.


Concentric glass nebulizer is standard. Optional inert ceramic V-groove is available for dissolved solids. HF-resistant or Ultrasonic nebulizers are also available. The combination of high nebulizer efficiency and subsequent desolvation by the ultrasonic nebulizer results in sensitivities typically 5 to 20 fold greater than those achieved by conventional pneumatic type nebulizers. Setup is rapid, taking less than one minute to interchange from Integra’s and Quantima’s standard set of sample introduction components and operation is simplified with automatic temperature control of the heating and cooling functions. The compact design allows you to conveniently place the ultrasonic nebulizer on Integra’s standard built-in bench, ensuring optimum use of your laboratory space. There is an optional bench for the Quantima.


Hydride System

04-HG3000Use the HG3000PII generator for the determination of sub parts per billion of hydride forming elements such as As, Sb, Se, Bi, Sn, Ge, and Hg. The HG3000PII hydride generator accessory incorporates precision glassware for highly efficient mixing of reactants and gas liquid separation to ensure reproductibility and high sensitivity. This easy to use accessory takes less than a minute to interchange from the Integra and Quantima standard set of sample introduction components and is totally made from inert polypropylene material for long lasting performance, essential in highly corrosive environments.