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The second generation Cintral software represents the latest in modular design and ease of use. Among the many features available, applications such as General, Quantify, Kinetics, DNA Melt, Colour, Scripting and System Validation Applications, are also included as part of the standard package.
Cintrals’ state of the art design using Windows® 7 and USB communications offers the user both ease of use and the power of a fully customisable user interface, intuitive booklet format method, and many other features such as:

General Application
Quantify Application
Kinetics Application
DNA Melt Application
Colour Application
Scripting Application
System Validation Application for performance verification and IQ/OQ requirements.
Fixed wavelength measurement (Single or multiple wavelengths)
Wavelength scanning
Time Scanning
Standard curve fitting
Spectrum Transformation such as derivatives, sine, negating scans etc
Peak and Valley find feature.
Scan Calculator allowing calculations such as addition and subtractions of scans, as well as derivatives, sine, etc.
Full Quality Control parameters
Report Generation and printing of results to any printer supported by Windows®.
Data export to text format for importing to Excel or other data analysis packages or .xml format.
Auto recognition of accessories when connected.
Control of automatic cell changers – 6×1, 6×6, 7×7.
Control of Sipper and auto samplers – SDS-720.